Pious Americans Fight to Keep God Where He Belongs: In a Beer Ad

Everyone knows that beer is God's drink of choice, but not everyone knows that God's beer of choice is a Boston lager named after puritanical founding father Samuel Adams. The Boston Beer Company, which owns Sam Adams, was recently forced to address a glaring error in their Fourth of July-themed advertisement: the ad… » 7/08/13 7:16pm 7/08/13 7:16pm

A Glenn Beck Without a Voice is Still a Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck lost his voice on Monday. Which is to say, Glenn Beck (as we are led to believe) could not make any physical words come out of his mouth on Monday. But an anger-clown without a voice is still an anger-clown, albeit a sad anger-clown. And this particular sad anger-clown would like you to please feel sorry… » 6/13/13 9:49am 6/13/13 9:49am

Watch Miguel Crash-Land Crotch-First Onto Some Poor Girl's Head

During his performance at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel attempted to jump from the stage to the catwalk as the crowd watched on from what they hoped was a safe distance. One lucky fan, however, got up close and personal with the pop singer when his genitals came crashing into the back of her head, slamming her… » 5/19/13 10:36pm 5/19/13 10:36pm